Friday, July 3, 2015

The Backyard Campfire

Last night the focus moved from the front yard to the backyard where we sat around a crackling fire in on a freezing Winter's night. Jansen had some leftover timber from a job site and we had a pile of leftover bricks in the backyard, so a firepit was definitely in order.

I think Josh did a pretty good job of building the fire pit. It's a pretty good circle and good depth. There's no grass in the back yard as you can see, it's just as bad as the front yard. I'm loving this so much I would like to incorporate it in the backyard permanently. We're so slow with work on the yard anyway, it will probably be a fixture for a while.

We toasted marshmallows with my brother and spun a few yarns. It was sooo cold, but the fire was so hot it burnt my legs through my jeans. It was only leftover pine skirtings, but it burnt pretty well and lasted a surprising amount of time for soft wood.

Someone forgot to tell Bella that dogs shouldn't eat marshmallows. 

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