Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Native Gardenias at the Door

Nothing like a bit of greenery to jazz up an entry door! I'm loving these native gardenias - the leaves are so glossy and green and I can't wait until Spring when (apparently, if I'm good) they will bloom with fragrant white flowers and edible (but non-pleasant tasting) fruit. So excited!

I didn't get a chance to plant them properly, see post before. It was an epic weekend and by the end of it I was exhausted. I only had the time and the energy to clean up the pots, which had been sitting in the shed, and sit the gardenias (still in their market pots) straight in them. We have another big weekend this weekend so it might be a while before they are potted properly.  I don't think they'll mind, the front balcony is part sun part shade.

I've decided too I need more plants inside. I'm thinking some spathiphyllums would be nice. We already have a few orchids and succulents in the bathrooms.

Standby for greenery!

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