Sunday, July 19, 2015

Little Gems!

The magnolias are in! I couldn't wait until that entire garden bed (on the left) was prepped. The magnolias were in pots that were pretty small and the wind kept blowing them over so I bit the bullet and planted them in.

The soil has lots of clay and it would have taken hours to dig out the entire garden bed and last weekend, I just didn't have hours to spare. Just digging that small section took a good part of the afternoon.

As I expected, I LOOOOVE them!! I mean REALLY love them. Magnolias and gardenias are my absolute favourite and to have them both in the one place warms my little horticultural heart. I can't wait until Spring when they both bloom. I imagine walking down that path and breathing in that hedonistic, fragrant smell. *Squeal*.

Today I dragged my friend Cara to the markets to get something for a couple of spare pots I have out the back and would like to put on either side of the front door. She feigned interest and excitement  as best she could and breathed a (not very well hidden) sigh of relief when I decided on native gardenias. Yes, NATIVE gardenias. Never heard of them before!  I REALLY want to put them in the pots now, but tomorrow I have a full day at a christening and then dinner with friends. I'm just hoping I might have an hour to spare somewhere in between to plan these new beauties.

My little garden is coming along slowly, but nicely. I'm very grateful.

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