Sunday, November 15, 2015

Side garden progress weekend

OK my gardenia obsession is reaching fever pitch…I may need an intervention. But these are from the markets and they're such good value! Each pot has 3 gardenias in it and these four were enough to do the side garden with one left over. The star jasmine (in the small pots) is going cover the ugly wire fence and (hopefully) drench the house in their sweet fragrance.

I made sure I mixed in some organic compost and Osmocote cause the soil is so rubbish. Weirdly, the dog started feverishly licking the compost, like it was some gourmet meal. I chased her away cause I'm pretty sure that not only is the compost bad for her, the fertiliser is worse. (Note to self, remove dog from danger before taking photo.)

How beautiful does this look? There's 11 all up, but I've left a space after every second gardenia to put a magnolia. And between each gardenia I've planted star jasmine. Hopefully next weekend I can put the stones and path down and it will look a little more complete.

I've started training the jasmine to climb the ugly fence. There's fragrant flowers on them already, but it's pretty hard to tell with the weeds in the neighbour's garden bed.

It still looks a little bare, so I'm considering some white dietes to fill up some of the spaces. The leaves are quite pointy, so it will give it a little difference in texture.

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