Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Starting on the side garden

This weekend was the first weekend for a while that we haven't had a birthday party or baby shower or  catch up with friends so I took the opportunity to make a start on the side garden.

It looks pretty easy and simple but I won't lie, it was HARD work and I'm pretty sore all over today! Digging the trench for the timber edging was hardest part cause it was all done by hand just using a mattock. Luckily a few days of rain had softened the ground so it wasn't too difficult or too hot, there was just a lot of it.

Then I shifted about 18 loads of soil. The soil was on the spare block and even though it wasn't that far, it started to pour and the track beside it got pretty muddy and I got bogged a number of times. The soil is pretty rubbish (you get what you pay for) so before I plant anything I'll boost it with a heap of compost and maybe some chicken manure.

I'll put a path in the middle with pavers and stones so that gas people can have easy access to the cylinders towards the front of the house.

Pic from Home Forum

I'm still trying to work out what to plant there. I'd like to do something different, but I'm so in love with magnolias and gardenias I'll probably just end up planting those again.

Any suggestions?

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