Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The side garden continues

It was hot on Saturday. Like, really hot. I went to the markets early in the morning to buy a couple more star jasmines, but it was way too hot to plant them or be outside generally.

A cool change came through on Sunday though so I spent 3 hours digging a trench. The glamour! 

I was originally going to terrace this section of the garden, but I realised that the gas man is probably going to have to run through here to replace the gas bottles as there won't be enough space down the other side of the house once it's subdivided. So I'm continuing the timber garden edging up to the front side garden.

I did all of this by hand with a mattock and the ground was pretty hard. This entire garden has been done by hand and sometimes I wish I could just hire some machinery to make it easier. But then I think of each hire cost in terms of plants I could buy and it makes it a little more palatable. Plus it's the only exercise I really get.

I'll continue the pattern of gardenia, gardenia, magnolia, star jasmine in this garden, but this time I'm going to dig up a lot more of the garden bed and put better soil in. Some of the new gardenias have gone a bit yellow already, like the other ones, but I've given them the Seasol/epsom salts/iron chelate cocktail so hopefully they will be ok.

Bella, as usual, spent the day in her favourite, middle-of-nowhere spot.

She's such a weird dog. And she has a new rashie!

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