Thursday, July 13, 2017

Backyard garden update - tree trimming and moving bricks...again

Now that the fence is up, the transformation of the backyard has begun! I'm spending ALL my time on it! We're on a bit of a time limit because the people who have bought the block next door have been kind enough to let me use the access from their driveway to truck in soil and turf to the backyard through a fence panel that has been left off. They'll be commencing their build though shortly, so my window of opportunity is limited. 

First thing to do is move this pile of bricks...again. I need them out of the way so I can put down topsoil and turf. These have been there since I bought the house and were probably left over from the original house as they were the same as those used under the deck. I think over the years I've moved these about four times and there'll still be another time when I move them back to make a little patio area. THAT will be the last time!!!

I also need to trim back those trees. They're yellow oleander and they're actually quite pretty but quite poisonous. Plus I want to put some plants underneath that area and they'll need to be able to get some sunlight.

Bought myself a new pruning saw!!! New toys!! Huzzah! PS: my new steel caps are so awesome. I'd be happy just to wear them generally - you know, shopping, weddings etc.

"Overflowing" is such a subjective word. For the record, Council still collected it. Half it did fall out as I dragged it 60 metres back to the kerb.

Tree trimming accomplished! This took a good three hours. I might invest in a chainsaw for next time.

The bricks have been move to their temporary, second final spot. There were over 200 hundred, solid bricks (e.g. not the new style ones with the holes in them). It took me 2 days, but I did have a bit of help from the son. 

The next stage is topsoil!  Bring it on!

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