Friday, July 28, 2017


The turf is in people!!! I laid EVERY SINGLE ROLL of this, by hand and all in one go. It took about four hours and god I was sore the next day, but oh so happy with the result.

This is what 150m2 of turf looks like! I nearly had a heart attack when it arrived and I saw how much there was, although I don't really know what I was expecting. It also didn't arrive until almost 10am and I knew it had to be laid straight away or it would start to dry out. So while laying turf in the middle of the day wasn't very appealing, it had to be done. I guess I should have been glad it was Winter.

The rolls were all a bit different, some were a lot drier than others but I've been giving them a good soak with the sprinkler. Hopefully they'll all survive.

The turf has made an amazing difference to the backyard. It's beautiful to sit out there an enjoy the sunshine. I've also got a fire pit on order so when that arrives we'll be toasting some marshmallows out on the patio before winter is over.

The dogs are loving it too. Next up, mulch.

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