Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blindingly Good!

Ohhh I'm getting so good at putting up blinds, I'm almost a pro. Not! But it's taking me way less than 40 minutes to install one these days. I do a little DIY jig after I finish each job, Dora the Explorer style..."We did it, we did it...".

This is the window in the entranceway, directly in front of the main door leading up the staircase. I put it there to create a "light and airy entrance hall" and while it totally does that, it also looks straight into our neighbour's house, is completely visible from the road and the sun that shines through will eventually fade the flooring.

Before installation. Anyone walking past on the road can see straight in. Further exacerbated at night. Not ideal.

The view to the neighbours without the blind. That's their kitchen. I'd keep the windows closed too! It's bad enough they have to live next door to a house that casts a shadow down the street, but to have a window that looks straight into their kitchen isn't fabulous for them either. Hopefully they don't feel like they're in so much of a gold fish bowl now.

Oh...the blind was on sale too from Spotlight. 40% off plus another 25% for Spotlight card holders which reduced it to grand total of....$13. Ye-huh. The custom price for this window was $ I'm pretty happy.

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