Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Bedrooms

Master Bedroom
Ok, so the house "officially" has 4 bedrooms on the upper level and there is room downstairs "unofficially" for another bedroom. That was how it was designed, but not how it's all ended up entirely.

The downstairs area was supposed to be a guest wing as it has the separate bathroom next to it, however the space that was supposed to be a bedroom is just an open space at the moment with Josh's drum set and guitars (ohhhh our neighbours looove us).

Master Bedroom Ensuite
Upstairs, the master bedroom is being used by moi as its intended purpose, especially the ensuite and walk in wardrobe (ohhhh my wardrobe). The bed frame and side tables were from the original house, they were just about the only pieces of furniture that survived the flood, mainly because they were solid timber.

The quilt cover set is by Marie Claire and my absolutely favourite. It too went through the flood and was on my bed at the time, but because the bed floated to the ceiling and gently back down again as the waters receded,  it was only the edges that got wet. Amazingly, the clothes and pillows that were on top of the bed came out of the flood completely dry.

Like all of the other rooms, the master bedroom still needs window furnishings, rugs and wall art. There's also space for a TV and an antenna point, but I have a "no-electronics in the bedrooms" rule so that space could have a painting on the wall and a little comfy chair and table set in the space. Of course there is NO money left in the decorating budget so I might have to make those out of cardboard.

Josh chose to have the room that was a teenier bit longer (and really only longer by about 500mm) but had the smaller wardrobe. I would have chosen the wardrobe over the space ;-).

His bed too survived the flood however it's really only going to last another year at the most. He's just a touch under six foot and if his head isn't close to the bedhead then his feet hang over the end. I did buy him new Sheridan linen recently though when they were having a sale. They were soooo cheap, cheaper than I could have bought at Target!

We bought some photo frames from Ikea to put up on his wall, but one broke and then fell off the wall, so now there is a big space with just a CommandM tab on his wall. He just needs a rug and roller blinds and his room will be complete.

He loves it so much though, after 2 years of moving around and temporary bedrooms, he's pretty chuffed at having somewhere to put his favourite guitar permanently.

The third bedroom is the guest room. There's already been two lots of guests in here, but none with this Sheridan linen, which I also got for an absolute bargain. We just need roller blinds, valance, bedside tables, lamps, rug and maybe some wall art, but at the moment, that's hardly a priority. For the moment it's at least a place for our guests to sleep.

The fourth bedroom has been converted to a study for the moment.


  1. Love the master bedroom! I particularly like that window above the headrest, so as to let sunlight in but not blind you with it. :P

    Well, I could understand why he chose the smaller wardrobe, as he doesn’t have that much clothes compared to us. The Sheridan linens look amazing, btw.

    1. Thanks Felipa :-) There's still a few things to add before it's finished, mainly a nice woollen rug, We'll get there soon. xx