Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blinds! Well...blind.

One of the smaller windows in the living room -
looks straight into the neighbour's windows.
When you're sitting on the couch, we can see straight
into the neighbour's kitchen.

When I asked Tony to design a house that was "light and airy" I didn't consider the implications of the windows. Lots of windows! Lots of full height windows. 

I thought that we could get away without window furnishings, at least in the short term, but it became pretty obvious as soon as we moved in that we wouldn't be able to do that.

Because we are so high up and on a main road, we look straight into our lowset neighbours on either side and everyone driving past can see straight into the front master bedroom (currently covered with a bedsheet and carboard box).

I got a quote from a well known, cheap blind supplier who were having a 30% off sale. The cost, after the discount for simple roller blinds for the house - $3200.


Apparently that is pretty reasonable, given the size and number of windows in the house, but HOLY CRAP!!

It was simply out of our budget. The roller blind for the window in the pic above was going to be $210 including installation. 

Miss Kirty to the rescue again! She sent me the link to some DIY blinds she bought on eBay as a temporary measure for her new home until, like us, she was more financial. But she's been so happy with the quality the blinds are now permanent and she saved a bomb in the meantime.

I had to stand on a chair.
Josh had to stand on...

I bought one over the weekend just to see how they looked and how easy it would be to install. There was a discount for local pick up and the price for the 90cm x 210cm white thermal blind was a grand total of $25. Sweet. It took about 40 minutes to install, but now that we know how to do it, I think the next one would only be 20 minutes.

I can totally do this! The plan is just to pick up a couple each pay week, starting with the most exposed windows. The whole house should be done in a few months.

I love these blinds! They're blocking out the neighbours so they don't get a show they didn't ask for, it's blocking out the sun so the floorboards don't fade and it's keeping the heat in, which is great for Winter. The quality is awesome too...even if they are made in Cina :-P


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