Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pantry Perfection

My old college friend Chris was visiting from New Zealand last week He's a bit of a foodie and couldn't sit still while I was making dinner (probably also because I'm painfully slow) so he rolled up his sleeves to give me a hand.

I couldn't work out if it was stunned silence or horror but he was in the walk in pantry for a long time before he came out and said, "how on Earth can you find anything in here?" Jansen, thanks very much, chimed in with, "I know, right?"

Fair point though. It's just something I hadn't had time to sort out and because it has a door, I'd just slam it shut whenever I got sick of looking at the mess. It had become the pantry/storage room and a stack of non-food related items had been thrown in there. Stuff was on the floor, on the shelves and all the plastic bags flew everywhere when you opened the door. By my own admission it was horrendous.

I finally cleaned it up. It only took me the better part of an hour so I don't know why I put it off for so long. It looks soooo much better and turns out I don't even have that much food! It's only half way there. When I designed it I had visions of everything in neat little containers, with baking zones, sauce zones, saucepans stacked neatly on one shelf...Vogue Living style.


That's NEVER going to happen. I should just stop kidding myself now and be happy I just got to the stage where I can see the floor!

Annoyingly Chris probably won't be back in the country for a while. Not because of my pantry I hope. I'll have to send him this pic.


  1. Hi Karina, just stumbled upon your blog. It's great and refreshingly well-written. You should have posted a pic of the Before shot - adds more drama! I did that once to my FB friends - posted a before shot of my laundry. I think I shocked them all into silence - very few comments. Once I posted the After shot they were all my friends again and made very pleasing "well done" comments!!!
    All the best with your home decorating. Cheers!!

    1. Haha, yeah I didn't take any 'before' pics for fear of being arrested for living in squalor! I'm pleased to say it's still fairly neat a month later...but there's always the chance of a relapse ;-P.