Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day Five - Painting the skirtings...the builder's way

OK we've reached the end of day five and I'm so much less homicidal. The tape is down and we've started the first layer of undercoat.

And it looks FABULOUS!

Actually, that's exaggerating, it's just an undercoat! I think the word is more, "finished".  Yeah, it looks more finished. Before, when I walked in the door the unpainted, unfinished skirtings was the first thing I would see. Now, it just blends.

I finished the undercoat for the main upstairs living spaces and the study. I would have gotten a lot further but I had a pre-booked tour of The Walter Taylor Bridge and had to ferry Josh back and forth to his Dad's to mow the lawn so I lost a few good hours there.

I also learnt you really shouldn't paint after a glass of wine...especially red. I might have to go back and fix a few of those errors tomorrow.

After this coat I need to give it all a light sand and fill in any extra nail holes and wood perfections that are now showing through so much more then when there was no paint and then it's time for the next layer of undercoat.

There's a possibility that the pro painter may not be available this week and if that's the case I'm happy with the two undercoats for the moment. I need to put all the furniture back and get back to a normal life and perhaps he can come next month.

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