Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day Nine - Painting the skirtings...the builder's way

Josh's bedroom with painted skirtings

It's Saturday and time's up. I kinda missed the deadline because I got upstairs completed but I simply ran out of time to do downstairs.

Tomorrow I have two of my bestest friends in the world and their collective five children and husbands coming over for lunch. As Murphy's Law would have it, Energex have decided to upgrade all the transformers on the street and so the power is going to be out from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Oh...and it's going to be 36 degrees.

Anyways, we're going with the flow, the majority is completed and most importantly everything is back where it is supposed to be! I'll just have to do downstairs when I can because the rest of the day and tomorrow morning will be spent picking up ice for the eskies and prepping lunch.

Here's some pics so far though - enjoy. It only took nine days!

Dining room before

Dining room after

Bedroom before

Bedroom After

Study after

It's not like a massive change or anything is it? In fact, you hardly notice it, and that's what I love. Before, the unpainted skirtings stuck out like a sore toe. Now everything just looks, well, finished. I love it, just need to get downstairs done.

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