Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day Six - Painting the skirtings...the builder's way

OK I started pulling the tape off in great anticipation that the first part of this whole saga was over and guess what?

I suck at putting tape on.

Seems there's an art to that as well and I either didn't put it close enough or didn't press it down hard enough. Either way, it's bled underneath and looks like THIS!

Grrrrrr. It's fixable...but annoying. I have to scrape it all off with a flat head screwdriver.

Will this ever end??

My Aunty and Uncle came over last night and were like, "um doesn't look very even," and Jansen looked at this morning in the harsh light of day and said, "I can still see some nail holes."

*Grumpy Face*

The good news is that I have decided to let the professionals in because if I can't even tape properly I'm pretty sure I can't paint with PERMANENT, NON-WATER BASED ENAMEL. Yeah that crap doesn't come off easily and I don't want to be wearing that on my person until I grow a whole new layer of skin. Yesterday I was in a meeting and looked down and saw streaks of paint all over my legs.

Anyway, he can't come until the weekend and I have people over then so I'm just going to finish off these two undercoats, scrape off all the excess and put everything back until next month when he can finish it off.

I think we're on the home stretch.

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