Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day Four - Painting the skirtings...the builder's way

"It'll just take a weekend"

Well, weren't they famous last words!! Although it's been over a week since we started, it really is only day four because it's such a messy process that by the time I get home from work during I'm too stuffed to start.

So at the end of day four we've FINALLY finished sealing all the gaps at the top of the skirtings. It is by far the messiest my annoying job, although we have silicone the bottom of the skirtings as the final step and I don't know what that is like.

So today we'll mask off the rest and (hopefully) start painting.

Apparently to get a "professional" finish, we need two coats of undercoat and one of top coat. Jansen is hassling me to get a professional in just to do the final gloss top coat but that will probably be about $210. I'm still debating. It seems almost pointless that a professional to do the whole job would be been about $1000 and done in one day and I've gone to all the hassle (and pain) to do the other two coats. Although...and $800 is still substantial.

Watch this space. If he can't come in to do the final coat for another week I just don't know if I can wait that long with the house in such a state. All the beds are in the middle of the rooms and everything is out of place and my sight isn't great at the best of time so my legs are covered in bruises from running into things. I'm also pretty clumsy so this has just exacerbated the problem.

Gotta run...back to taping...

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