Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Underneath the house transformation commences

I've started moving the stones underneath the house and it looks a million times better. The space is just uneven dirt and every time it rains, it pours down in streams, making the surface even more uneven and turning everything into mud for days.  It drives me crazy!

This is only about one eighth of the amount of space underneath the house. Moving the stones is a long, laborious process because the pile is at the back of the house and I have to drag them, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow to the front of the house. And the house is 22 meters long. Sad face.

Behold, my rock pile! This is what 11 cubic meters of tumbled river rock looks like. It actually doesn't look like that much, but I've taken all the stones for the path and all the stones for the small part underneath the house and even after that, the pile looks the same. It's like it magically refills after every wheelbarrow load. And not in a good way.

To put things in perspective, this is all of the underneath of the house. Right to that very last pole riiiiiight down yonder at the end. All in all, about 100 square meters plus the path on the right and the path yet to do from the stairs on the left. The small part I've done at the top end of the house took about 2 hours, so I'd say a number of weekends are going to be required to do this.

Watch this space…literally.

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