Saturday, July 30, 2016

Underneath the house transformation - part two - planning

OK, so this is part two of the underneath the house transformation. It's the back part of the house, where the lower level ends so the ceiling is ultra high. It's a big, open space, but it has its challenges. 

Firstly, because the house is so, so high, the builders put extra bracing. It's awesome because even in the highest winds, the house is completely solid. But it also means that the space underneath doesn't flow with the cross bracing.

It's still a great area, well, will be a great area, once I've finished doing whatever it is I'm going to do with it. I have a few weeks to plan because Jansen's old cars are still stored there. Josh is also using the space to restore an old guitar, so until both are gone, there's not too much I can do.

Originally, I was just going to fill the space with the tumbled river rock like the rest of the house. But there's not much left after the first stage, so that option might be off the table. So I'm thinking perhaps I might either put some decomposed granite down and compact it, or if I have enough money, I could use the same pavers I used for the side path. The first option would be much more economical, but the second option would look much better.

There's not very much left of the river rock pile. But still enough to cover a decent area.

So I was thinking what I might do is a side path exactly the same as the other side of the house, going from the laundry steps to the end of the house. There should definitely be enough rock for this part of the project and whatever is leftover we can just use to build up the the rock underneath the lower part of the house.

OK…yes I think this is a plan. Now for the execution…

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