Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Other side path progress

I made some progress on the other side path on the weekend.  It doesn't look much different from last weekend, but it was probably a good 8 hours of work.

All the timber edging was connected with nail plates to stop them from shifting. They're 4.2 meter lengths and because the ground is uneven, they have a tendency to shift, so the nail plates on each side will (hopefully) keep them in place. I also put low stakes on either side to keep them straight.

I put each paver on a bed of sand to keep them level. The pavers are HEAVY! Well, heavy for me. They're 600mm X 400mm and about 23 kgs each. Because of their size and weight and because of my size and weight, I couldn't lift them the correct way, with knees bent. So even three days later my muscles, some I didn't even know I had, are so, so sore. I ran out sand with four pavers to go so that that will have to be finished next weekend.

I decided not to put weed mat down. Most of the forums I read said that as long as you sprayed the weeds before you laid the pavers and the stones were thick enough, it should stop the weeds from coming through.

I put some stones in just before the sun went down so I could get a little preview of how it might look finished. I'm pretty happy with how it I think it will look when it's finished.

The outer timber edging is not on the boundary of the house, there will be about 500mm between that and a boundary fence, once it's put in. So I'm thinking I might put row of murrayas so soften the space. Thoughts anyone?

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