Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The week of the ute

Hubby has been in New Zealand for the past week on a snow kiting polar expedition (yes, that's a thing) and the last thing he said to me was to the effect of "don't use the ute too much." 

I'm not really sure why my driving makes him so nervous.

Anyway, nuts to that. I basically dropped him at the airport and headed straight to the landscapers and picked up the rest of the pavers to finish the side path for part two of the under the house transformation. It's crazy how expensive delivery fees are. This load would have cost the same in delivery fees, effectively doubling the cost of the project, even though the landscapers are only one suburb away.

I also made numerous trips during the week to Bunnings for mulch and plants and Adairs to pick up a bed head. Utes are soooo handy, I so want to get one.

I also picked up the rest of the treated pine needed to finish the garden edging for the path. Jumpy claps! I now have everything to finish the path…I just need the time now to do it.

He's back now ❤️. He never reads this though…so he'll never know…😉

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