Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The other side path commences

I laid out the pavers and timber edging on the weekend, just to see whether the design for the side path will work. I had an idea in my mind of what it would look like, but to see it in situ, no matter how rough, really helps.

You can see the ground is really uneven, I'll need to get some bedding sand, put down some weed mat and set up a stringline BUT I'm confident it will all look great at the end. Especially after a lot of elbow grease. I'm really crossing my fingers that there will be enough stones to do this.

Bella has some serious competition for the title of garden dog. Gizmo is in front, spending the whole time sitting right next to me just so, which is so, so cute. He doesn't like to face me though, he just sits REALLY close and looks the other way.

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