Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Signing and sealing complete

Brisbane City Council has signed and sealed the subdivision plans. Hooray!! The only step left now is for the bank to give their consent to split the titles and then to submit the two titles to the Titles Office.

After a five year battle, the battle has been won. As soon as all of this is complete, we'll put the spare block on the market and hopefully it will sell quickly. And that will be the end of this whole saga.

You'd think after all this I'd be a bit gun shy about it all. But truth be told, looking back, I loved every minute of it. My town planner sent me a message, "We finally got there in the end, but if you decide to do this again, try and find something less complex.". I sent back a message saying, "heads up, looking for the next project already." :)

Once the titles are done, our house number changes from 57 to 55. I wasn't expecting that.

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