Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flooring Dilemma

I've been 99% sure that Sydney Blue Gum was the flooring that I wanted in the new home. I had seen sample boards and I thought that the dark, rich reds would bring some warmth to the stark white walls, kitchen and bathroom I was planning.  I could also get a really good price for them so that had tipped the balance.

There was that 1% though that I wasn't sure about. So I found somewhere that had larger sizes laid out so I could get a better picture of how it would look.

Sydney Blue Gum I'm not so sure.  The Boral Silkwood Sydney Blue Gum flooring is a lot redder and darker than I thought. I know that there's a lot of difference in colours when you have timber because it's a natural product, but overall I'm a teeny bit worried it will be too dark and red for my liking. I'm probably about 80% sure I love it and I'm not sure if that's enough.

Brush Box

I did REALLY like this one though! It's brush box and a little less red, while still having the warmth that you might not get in oak or tallowood.

Argh!! Now I don't know what to do. From memory I remember that they were more expensive than blue gum and while normally I would say it's worth the expense in the long run, I literally don't have the budget to stretch it. And it's not a change that would affect the overall resale value of the house, it's just personal preference.

Here's this pics on the Boral website. You can see they don't necessarily look like they did in real life. In fact, my pics don't even represent it that well.

Sydney Blue Gum - this doesn't even look red!
(Pic from Boral Website)

Another Sydney Blue Gum
(Pic from Boral Website)

Brush Box - seems to have less reds and more browns
(Pic from Boral Website)

Brush Box - this seems to have a bit more pink
(Pic from Boral Website)

Sigh...what do you think?


  1. From your photos I prefer the Brush Box because as you say, the Sydney Blue Gum looks so much redder, but the website photos make the Sydney Blue Gum look more appealing! The Sydney Blue Gum is probably the safer option though if you're not sure, it has that tradtional floorboard look that most homes have (depends how safe you want to be too!).

    1. Ohhh I know. I hate it when they make the photos look so good. I want that more subtle look of the brush box, but that's just me, I don't think it affect resale if I get the blue gum.

      So confused! :-)