Saturday, August 4, 2012

Save the Palm Campaign

There is a gorgeous canary island palm in the backyard, probably 8 metres high and by all accounts maybe 60 plus years old. I did some research and it would be upwards of $8,000 retail.

Unfortunately it's right where the new house is going to be built.

I sooo don't want to see it destroyed. I've actually had it advertised for over a year, but the costs of transporting the tree properly is about $4500 (well, that's the cheapest I could get), so even giving away the tree would still cost someone a cool 5 grand, depending on where it's going.

I've basically got 3 days to sort it out, otherwise I have to get the demolition guys to knock it over while they have the equipment there. This would absolutely break my heart. So I've been blitzing social media, email, everything I possibly can to save it.

I'll keep you posted.

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