Sunday, August 5, 2012

Interior Designer First Date

I had my first interior design appointment with the seriously fabulous Daryl Wark from Shelter Interiors.

I have such a new found respect for interior designers after this. In all honestly, I kinda thought interior designers just picked furniture and paint colours and curtains.

I was sooo wrong.

All the stuff I've been posting to my Pinterest page has been so he could get an understanding of my style and help pick out some key furniture pieces and cushions, you know, the pretty stuff.  Because I kind of thought that's what he did.

He had a look at my floor plan though and immediately had all these AMAZING ideas on cabinetry layout, tiles, lighting...more DESIGN type stuff. Which would make sense, because he's an interior DESIGNER!

He was truly incredible. He didn't baulk at my meagre budget, but simply suggested ways to save on some sections so there was more in the budget for other sections. He even said he would do a tile plan.

A tile plan? What on earth is that you ask? (Like I did.)

It's a plan...for the tiles. As in a plan for EXACTLY where they will be laid so that they line up perfectly with the fixtures and are symmetrical in the space and not cut in half at one end. Now that is detail and a true appreciation for interior design perfection!

I know I talk a lot about saving money here and there and doing as much as I can myself, but I'm also realistic when it comes to things that should be left to the professionals, and this is one things I'm truly glad I left to the professionals.

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