Monday, September 24, 2012

Artwork Distractions

My interior decorating budget is fast reducing as unexpected costs arise from building. The budget I had for art, which was pretty sad to start with, is almost down to nothing, so I've been distracted by trawling Etsy and other sites for budget artwork.

"Spanish Dancer" by BalletArt on Etsy $14.79

"Lulie Wallace Flowers For Phoebe Wall Mural" on Urban Outfitters USD$129

"On the street" by MyNewYorkCity on Etsy $374.61

There are literally hundreds of thousands of works online and I've spent waaay too much time looking through them all. It's a good distraction though from the trials and tribulations of building. :-)

I saw these prints at Oz Design last week and I absolutely love them, but they're $115 each and quite tiny. And of course, totally not necessary at a stage where I'm just trying to get the house BUILT! But love, love, love!!

I also love this piece of art that was in an exhibition at the HIA Renovate & Build Expo. I wish I'd noted whose exhibition this was. I'm sure the piece is out of my budget. But I can still dream...

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