Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Building APPROVED! We are go!!

Building approval came through today. Yippeee!!! :-)

Secretly, I did a little jig in my heart. Then my head. And then just a little dance around the apartment. Another milestone reached. Initially it felt like a bit of a setback. When the subdivision application was submitted, so were the plans for the house. I didn't realise I would have to resubmit the SAME things again, taking ANOTHER two weeks! (Two weeks, by the way, is apparently pretty good, but given the house was already approved in the subdivision application, I would have thought this more of a tick and flick situation.) Development approval and building approval are two different things, which makes sense now, but  I didn't realise at the time.

I've done everything in such a linear fashion. If I knew before what I knew now, this process would have been much faster, but I was always waiting to finish one section before applying for another. In reality I could have overlapped a lot and got things done a lot faster. Water under the bridge. I can start properly ordering fixtures and furniture!!

Happy days.


  1. Great news, Karina. Congratulations!

    Let the building begin...


    1. Thaaaaaaanks M!!! It's FINALLY happening!!
      Thanks for coming with me on my journey.