Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Couch Doppelgänger

I bit the bullet on the weekend and put a deposit down on the couch I've had my eye on for AGES! It was $400 off. Clappy hands!!

The only issue is that the delivery date is around late October and they will only store it for 2 weeks. I won't need it until December at the earliest so I have some storage issues. There's no space here in the apartment and I don't really want to store it in the granny flat as it won't be insured. Anyways...sort that out when it happens.

On another note, I saw this in a local magazine. Yeah, it's like EXACTLY the same as the one I just bought!! Couch doppelgänger!! It's from a homewares boutique in the Valley. It's about the same price as the Oz Design one normally is but given the one I bought it on sale, well, no brainer.

I asked Daryl whether it might have been the same supplier, but he said they often copy each other's designs. So I don't know who was first in this case.

Either or, they both look awesome!!

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