Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colour Selections

Image from Colorbond - "Surfmist" Roof
Ohhhh the fun stuff - picking colours!! The builder needs the colour selections for the roof facia and gutters. His supplier is Colorbond and there are 20 colours to choose from in their standard range.

We are going for a bright, crisp, clean, Hamptons style theme for house. Lots of white with highlights of dove grey. I would have chosen a darker roof but Daryl is adamant that a lighter roof will give the effect we want. He's the professional and I trust him, so "Surfmist" it is for the roof, facias and gutters.

Image from Trend Windows & Doors

The same goes for the windows. White, white, white all the way. The builder's supplier is Trend and Pearl White in Gloss is really the only choice from their standard range.


  1. As a bonus a lighter coloured roof will also reduce your cooling costs, due to more solar radiation being reflected away from the ceiling cavity.