Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bathroom tile selection

Daryl sent me over to Classic Ceramics to have a look at some tiles for the bathroom.  I thought this would be the easy part. I just wanted white everything.

The rectified gloss white tiles came in a few sizes, but I
think the largest format one will be the best.

The wall tiles are easy. They had some gorgeous gloss white rectified tiles in a 300mm x 600mm. The large format tiles and white colour will reflect the light and make the bathroom appear larger. The rectified edging will make the wall look like one, seamless sheet.

The white wall tiles look great, I think I like it laid vertically

The 300mm x 600mm was Daryl's suggestion and originally I thought that would be too large, but they had a wall up in situ and it looked really good. So at least the wall tiles are sorted.

The floor tiles though are another matter and proving a lot more difficult than I thought. Originally I just wanted white to match the walls, but everyone has been trying to talk me out of it as they always look dirty with hair and fluff. It's a good point as the bathroom we have now is white and shows up all my black hair unless I vacuum every day. Even if I did go this route, it's very hard to get a pure white floor tile and the closest match was like a very light beige and when put with the white wall tile it just looks like a bit of a mismatch.

Option 1 - White wall and floor tile combo

Regardless, that's Option 1- looks great but probably very impractical. I put the outside in the natural light and they look the same but in certain angles and light they look different colours.

Option 2 - Timber floorboard look tiles
Option 2 are these timber look tiles, similar to ones I've written about in a previous bathroom floor post. I loooove these and I'm pretty surprised how realistic they look. I always thought there would be a fine line between a replica looking good and looking tacky.

Option 2 - Wooden floorboard tiles

I like the whiter tile, only because we are thinking of making the cabinetry a timber look and it would be very hard to match a laminate with the darker tile. I'm definitely leaning toward this HOWEVER (and there's always a however), my budget is $33/m2 and how much is this? Yes, $144/m2. Yep, always the way. Daryl is looking for a way that we might be able to make this work...but I think it would be a miracle.

Option 3 - Stone look tile

The third option is this stone look tile. I like this and it's very similar to my last house. I'm a bit worried about the white wall tile/cream floor tile combination however they lady at the store said it's a common combination and she actually liked it. The ladies at the store were fab by the way, very helpful, especially considering I came in on a Friday afternoon.

I'm really stuck on this one, I really don't know which one, though I'm probably going more for  Option 2, the timber floorboard look, however that will depend on budget.

What do you think?


  1. My preference is definitely the timber look option. It gives you the 'whiteness' that you're looking for, but the grain would help with cleanliness. Personally, I don't love the stone look tile, as it is a bit speckly for my liking. However, if it is in the budget, I think it's a much better option than straight white and if you like it - that's the main thing!!

    I don't think I've helped at all, have I??!!!


    1. Ohhhh you have!! I needed someone to back me up on the timber look one. It's 4 times the price of my budget, BUUUUT the bathrooms aren't huge - the bathroom, ensuite and powder are 13.69m2 all up. And 5 years down the track I'll be glad I spent the extra $1500 - right?

      I don't love the stone look either. It's OK. But I don't love it.

      Thanks for back up!! xx

    2. Any time. I'm really good at spending other people's money!!!!

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