Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best Bargain EVER!!

Today I think I got the best bargain I am EVER going to get in relation to this house project!

So...this is the basin I've chosen for the bathrooms.

It's the Leda Vasque Inset Basin by Caroma. I love how it sits above the bench top (but not too high) and I've also combined it with the tapware pictured. RRP $299. I need 4 of them...and that's expensive.

Hallelujah for eBay!!! I still can't believe this. It was listed for a reserve of $29 and didn't sell. So I contacted her and asked a barrage of questions cause I couldn't understand how it couldn't sell.

Nothing dodgy, they had planned it for a bathroom renovation but changed their mind to a square one instead. It had been sitting in their garage for ages and she had thrown out the box because it had become so dodgy.

And yep she was happy to sell it for $29.

I am crowning this the bargain of the project. Love a bargain. *Happy Face*

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