Monday, October 15, 2012

Flooring Dilemma Part 2

I'm still struggling with what flooring to put down in the house. I've chosen Boral Silkwood as it's easy to lay and one of the only floating/engineered floors that can be sanded back later because it has a 4mm timber veneer as opposed to 1mm in most other floors.

The situation is that I can get either Sydney Blue Gum or Blackbutt at a very, very reasonable price, but in a previous post I was worried about the Blue Gum looking too red. I still can't get it out of my head so I went over to Finlayson's today where they had a few of the timbers laid out.

The Sydney Blue Gum is in the middle between Spotted Gum on the left and Tallowood on the right. It didn't look as red as the last place was in, so I feel a little bit better that it will be OK. The guys there were so helpful and he did say that if you were using it in a house with a lot of colour on the wall, it might clash and look a little too much in red but given my interior is going to be all white he said it will be fine.

My second option is Blackbutt, which is in the centre of this photo (on the right of the Blackbutt is Jarrah, which is much, much more red than the Sydney Blue Gum) . I quite like the colour of the Blackbutt and it would certainly lighten the room with no risk of it being too red. The only thing I don't like as much is the amount of grain through the timber, which is a lot more than the Sydney Blue Gum.

Weirdly, this is ALSO Sydney Blue Gum, but in a solid flooring which had just been sanded last week and just varnished with a clear satin varnish. It's so much lighter and hardly red at all! I love this colour of this but it is so different from the Boral one...but same timber. Go figure. The guy at Finlayson said it will darken over time.

This kind of just confused me more...

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