Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 25 - Posts are in!

The posts are in at the back and they are so very, very tall. If they go to the top of the second floor they are pretty high, but if they only go to the floor of the second level and there is still another 2.59m on top of that....they they are ridiculously high!! I will be the ONLY house in the suburb to be in a flood zone AND have city views!

Looks like the formwork for the slab is done and so I'm expecting the slab to be poured sometime next week. The garage slab is still much higher than I expected so I'm anticipating a much higher driveway cost than I had budgeted for to account for the extra concrete to raise to this height.

This garage was a touchy subject for the Council and I. Originally they wanted this slab another 700mm HIGHER than it currently is. Their argument was the car needed to have flood free access! (I'm still perplexed as to why the car would need this. If it flooded to the same height as the 2011 floods, the car would still be almost completely submerged). I argued that fact, plus I would need an elevator to get the car into garage as it's only 6 metres from the front so the gradient would be on a 45 degree angle (slight exaggeration in the heat of the moment). Also the additional cost of the concrete would have been exorbitant.

The garage slab is still high, but not nearly as ridiculously high as council wanted.

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