Friday, October 26, 2012

Door Hardware

I've ordered the hardware for the doors. Seems early in the piece to be doing it, but I guess they need it for lock up.'s what I've chosen.

"Align" Modern Leverset by Gainsborough

These are for the internal doors. They're the Align Modern Leverset by Gainsborough. I like them because they're simple and they match the bathroom accessories which are round as opposed to square. The doors are just going to be flush, no panels or cutouts so the look will be very modern and contemporary.

These are the handles for the main front door. They are 370mm pull handles on either side of the door. 

This is the lock/door handle for the garage door and the laundry door. I have a dilemma. This   lock comes as a single barrel and a double barrel. Basically a single barrel means it needs to be unlocked from the outside with a key, but from the inside it's only a turn lock. A double barrel needs to be opened with a key from both the outside and the inside.

While I like the idea of double barrel for the purposes of  security, I think it might be an inconvenience when you want to open the door regularly, and from a fire point of view, I think a double might be a hazard.

What does everyone think?


  1. Hey Lovely!

    I think with the double it is key locked from both sides, however the single has a nib on the inside. You can, however, still deadlock it with a key if you're going away or worried about security. Come down and see me, we have one in the showroom.

    Kirty x

    1. Ohhh yep that's what I would want. To be able to deadlock when we go away! Thanks K!! xx

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