Friday, April 5, 2013

Flooring Installation - Day Five (Complete!!)

Day five and the guys FINALLY finished at about 6.30pm that night. I decided to run the flooboards downstairs in the same direction as upstairs for consistency. I think it looks fine and it seems to be the consensus out in decorating world.

The dining room looks awesome and amazingly the dining table arrived today, a whole week early! It's a sign I say!!

Here's the living space, looking fabulous and finished. The box has the dining table in it...ready for assembly :-)

The downstairs rumpus (not sure about that pendant there...)

They even did underneath the stairs. The leftover floorboards are there - 6 packets, so about 11m2. I ordered an extra 10m2 wastage so they mustn't have had much wastage at all :-)

Nothing is without drama though. The guys hit a pipe hitting one of the nails from the skirtings and sprung a leak. So the water is off this weekend until the plumber can get out on Monday.


  1. So beautiful, you must be well pleased <3

    1. Thanks L!! Yes,soo happy!!

      Do wish I could have stayed this weekend though. We are moving, but with no water, best we wait until Monday.

      Nearly there...