Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Real Story

Hmmm remember how we were delayed from moving into the house because a nail went through one of the pipes and we had to wait for a plumber to come out on Monday?

Well, I've got a few more details on that...and I'm a little annoyed.

The flooring guys had told me that they were pulling out nails from the skirtings and that the nail had been embedded in the pipe, acting as a plug. When the pulled it out it spurted out everywhere and that's when they called us and turned the water off.

The builder had disputed this version of events saying the pressure in the pipes is so high, they would have known the moment they hit it with a nail as it would have pushed it straight out along with all the water.

Seems the plumber agrees. He said there's absolutely no way a nail would 'plug' a pipe and that this was definitely caused by hitting a nail into the pipe and not pulling it out. The water runs through at 65.3 PSI and while I have no idea what that means, he said it's enough to push a nail out straight away.

Frankly I couldn't even understand why they would be hitting nails IN rather than pulling them OUT, but looking around after I realised they had to get them out of the way to lay the boards close to the wall so instead of pulling them out, they were whacking them in.

OK, so here's the thing with me. I'm totally OK with people screwing up, as long as they're HONEST about it and FIX it. It's a pretty simple rule. One I use at my workplace and one I use in life. I'm not annoyed at the burst pipe but I am super annoyed at the BS story I was fed.

Actually I was annoyed at the burst water main cause it cost $250 in plumbers fees.  


  1. Now that is just plain unprofessional. If they did something to screw things up, they should have manned up and offered to repair it. Granted that they might not know anything about plumbing, they could at least have covered the expenses of the repair and not fed you that obvious BS.

    Tittle Brothers

    1. Yes, totally agree. I haven't said anything to them because if they were dishonest enough to feed me the BS in the first place, telling them off certainly won't make any difference. The hole is still there too, I haven't got the funds at the moment to fix it.

      Having said that...if that's the worse thing that's happened, I really can't complain too much.



  2. Good thing the plumbing company was there to back you up and catch the blatant lie they were trying to feed you. But then again, you don’t have to be a plumber to deduce that a nail through the pipes isn’t intentional. I wonder if they actually thought you’d buy that story...


    1. I think they did Darryl and to be honest, if I did have a great builder and plumber...I might have. That makes me even more annoyed! Anyways, the fabulousness of being in our new home has far outweighed all the stresses we've had and it's all long forgotten :-) xx

    2. Ooops, I meant "if I DIDN'T have a great builder...."