Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moving Day!

The day has (finally) arrived. You wouldn't believe this, but this is my 19th move since I moved out of home in the early 90s and the 7th since moving back to Brissie in the 2002.  Hopefully this will be home for at least a few years, until Josh finishes high school.

Of course the day we move the Council has decided to do roadworks right outside out old unit building. The street is completely closed and every time I need to drive in or out I have to ask this guy with the pie to move the cones. He was very good about it though...I think he was happy to have something to do!

We borrowed the Triton for the weekend. It took some getting used to (I could barely see over the dashboard), but after a while I was rocking it and I can totally see why utes are so useful.

We moved all the big furniture and bed frames over on the first day so camped out in the lounge that night. It's been a while since we've done that.

Farewell to the little unit that we've called home for the past 4 months. I didn't like it at all when we first moved in, but that's because it was such a stressful time in life. I did I grow to become quite fond of it and I'll miss the sound of kookaburras in the morning and the swimmers doing laps in the pool next door.

Can't say I'm not excited about moving into the new house though!!

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