Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Dining Suite....Complete!

The dining suite is complete and in a strange twist of fate, it was due to a lack of funds that we ended up with this combination.

I'm completely out of money so the replica chairs I originally wanted at between $200-$400 each are completely out of the question. Even the replica Eames DSR chairs on sale for $59 each are too expensive, so I thought I these Jupiter chairs from Freedom would be a good stop gap until I could afford 'proper' chairs again. They're $49 and I also got 10% discount because I have RACQ membership. Did anyone else know about this discount?? So they came down to just $44.10 each!!

So awesome, but...I had to put them together myself.

God bless flat packs. It keeps the prices down and keeps building dopes like me furnished when all you need is an allen key.

Seriously, it was just 4 steps per chair to put them together, although it still took me over an hour. They only needed an allen key and a bit of balance.

These chairs are idiotproof.

...and surprisingly comfortable. 

I'm amassing an impressive collection of allen keys.

I'm loving these together. It's very Scandinavian. I think I'll even keep them permanently and not as a stop gap solution.

I think I'll need to get a rug though as the legs are quite pointy. They have rubber bits on them, but I think eventually they will end up denting the floorboards or if they come off, scratching the floorboards.

I don't know what of rug though...I'm thinking maybe just a flat jute rug. 



  1. The chairs look like they were made for the table, Karina. And the RACQ discount - who knew?

    As for a rug, I'm a big fan of the Ikea Egeby rug. If it can survive our house (whilst still looking good), it can survive anything!!!!

    So glad everything is coming together for you.

    1. Was there on the weekend M and checked it out - I think it's PERFECT!!
      Adding it to the wishlist....

      Perfect advice as always....thanks!!

  2. I normally don’t get easy & comfortable in the same comment when it comes to chairs. If so, then they’re really a great find! Though I’m more concerned if it remains “fool”-proof when “guests” start sitting on it. :)

    Reed @ Tom Curren

    1. We've had a number of guests on it now so I'm guessing it's passed the test! ;-P

  3. I like that it looks simplistic, yet at the same time has it’s own unique charm. The wooden table really goes well with the hardwood floor, and the tabletop tray looks nice. How are the chairs holding up, btw?

  4. I like that the pendant looks like it’s made from wood. Or is it? And it stands out from the walls and is easily visible.

    The chairs look comfortable to sit in, despite looking a bit limited. I hope they’re still in good condition after these past 6 months.

    1. Yes the pendant is made from a thin wood veneer. I love it!!