Monday, April 1, 2013

Timber Flooring Installation - Day One

Day one of the flooring installation began today in the early hours of the morning, with the installers arriving from the Sunshine Coast. They had a van full of gear and equipment, half of which I'd never seen before and left me wondering how I'd ever even considered that I might have been able to do the job myself to save a few bucks.

There was no alternative solution to the skirting being too low besides pulling it all off to ensure a finish  I'd be happy with. I still hadn't been able to contact my builder over the weekend to discuss this, but I did get hold of his son, who physically built the place. His advice was to run a blade over the top edge of the skirting to break the paint seal so it didn't rip when pulling off the skirting, then pry the skirting off leaving the nail in the wall so they know where to nail back in later and not hit any pipes or wires.

Watching them rip of the skirting, which had been so perfectly aligned and painted, was quite heartbreaking. I left soon after they started that as I couldn't bear to watch.

When I returned in the afternoon though it was a different story. The master bedroom had been done and they were halfway down the hallway. It looked AMAZING. It had completely changed the room with the timber giving the space warmth and depth and character (listen to me, my writing is soo cheesy).

They were doing a fantastic job, not rushing to ensure it was done properly with no gaps and no movement. I'm really, really happy with their job so far.

They said the subfloor is perfectly flat however the walls are just a couple of millimetres misaligned so while that seems unbelievably insignificant, it would be very noticeable by the time you get to the end of the hallway. So they are putting packers along the edges to ensure they stay aligned with the door. What painstaking work. Originally I couldn't understand why flooring installers prices were so expensive. Now I understand.

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