Sunday, March 31, 2013

Houston....we have a problem!

OMG a big, big freaking problem!! Worse still, I'm out of time to find a solution.

So on Saturday I was laying out a few floorboards, seeing how they look, checking out the colours etc and feeling very happy and looking forward to when they were all laid and we could move in. I put them up against one of the walls to see the contrast of the timber with the white of the walls.

The flooboards didn't fit under.





The skirtings are supposed to be 17mm from the ground. These are 10mm. The height you would put them if you were putting carpet in.

The floorboard installers are coming TOMORROW so I've been trying to desperately call my builder all weekend, but of course he's gone away for Easter.

What am I going to do???

(And what the hell is that giant piece of fluff on the floor?)


  1. that is REALLY annoying!! I hate it when people assume you'll be putting down carpet, or fitting into a concept they have of your needs.

    Ok, so .. it's an easy fix as I see it, but I could be wrong. Can we rout it up and off? Sure it will probably be a bit wonky, but skirting boards will cover that. Do-able? x

    1. I'm kicking myself a number of times. Firstly, the skirtings were only supposed to be tacked on, not nailed, so they could easily be pulled off for flooring installation and put back on after it was all finished. The thing is, I didn't put that in writing and only realised it very late in the piece when it was nailed in, glued at the mitres and painted over. By that time I figured that was my fault and I would have to wear it and find a way to get them installed under, a little fiddly, but OK if it was the right height.

      Secondly, I did look at a NUMBER of times and think, that doesn't look like 17mm. But of course, NEVER checked. I just assumed it was correct and well, you know what they say about people who assume...

      The only saving grace is that they top of the staircase is the correct height - 17mm, because the builder had discussed this with me at length as it needed to be the right height to align with the flooring to pass certification. So we knew there was Boral Silkwood going throughout (and I have that in emails), it's simply a case that it hadn't been passed on to the people building the house. A genuine mistake, just with dire consequences.

      We did discuss using a multi-tool to route the bottom of the skirting, however the builder's son said (a) it would take ages and (b) unless you got it perfectly aligned all the way around you would notice as you're actually cutting the skirting, it wouldn't be hidden by the skirting. as an update, I couldn't get hold of the builder but I did get hold of the builder's son who said to just pull them off and we'll have to put new ones on later. So heartbreaking :-( I've just posted some pics.

      These things are sent to try us right? ;-P xx

    2. oh! I didn't realise the skirt was already on - now I can see that quite plainly .. um .. but talk about assumptions .. ok ..

      Well - skirtings are LAST. They are last because they were originally designed to cover all evils, any mistakes, any ugly. I have NO IDEA why they are on before the carpet and/or floor??? That is *whack* !

    3. Oh I know! But I think it was an honest mistake. One of those small things that have big consequences and no one picked it up until the flooring (literally) was about to be laid :-(