Sunday, March 31, 2013

Houston....we have a problem!

OMG a big, big freaking problem!! Worse still, I'm out of time to find a solution.

So on Saturday I was laying out a few floorboards, seeing how they look, checking out the colours etc and feeling very happy and looking forward to when they were all laid and we could move in. I put them up against one of the walls to see the contrast of the timber with the white of the walls.

The flooboards didn't fit under.





The skirtings are supposed to be 17mm from the ground. These are 10mm. The height you would put them if you were putting carpet in.

The floorboard installers are coming TOMORROW so I've been trying to desperately call my builder all weekend, but of course he's gone away for Easter.

What am I going to do???

(And what the hell is that giant piece of fluff on the floor?)