Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guess What?

Two years, two months and thirteen days after the floods took our little home, we were handed the keys to our brand new (and very high) home. It's been a long and sometimes hard slog, but we are very grateful to be on our way back into a place we can call home.

Personally, the last 803 days have taught me an awful lot. Gratitude, appreciation, patience, empathy...to name a few. While it's something I feel I've been strong enough to get through, I don't think it's been fair on Josh. In his final year of primary school and the first year of high school, we've moved three times to three different suburbs while he still had to deal with his Dad's place also going under in the flood. But he's been an absolute trooper and it's fantastic to see him excited about having his own room again.

There's been so many people that have helped along the way. From those who came to clean up after the flood, to those who've helped out with professional advice and those who've just just lent an ear, I'm so grateful for it all and planning the gratitude party already.