Monday, March 18, 2013

Dining Decisions

Trying to find a dining suite has been driving me CRAZY! Literally crazy. I've been waking up in the middle of the night thinking about tables and chairs. I really need to get a life.

This is originally what I wanted to get. It would match the coffee table and was something a bit different. I went to Matt Blatt on the weekend though to test whether the chairs would fit properly and completely under the table and sadly, no, they didn't. This would drive me (more) crazy in a very short period of time, especially given I'd have to look at it every day. The table top too was too small - 170cm x 73cm, very narrow. The chairs are replica Hans Wegner Elbow chairs in walnut and at a whopping $495 each meant the whole set would be $4095. Holy crap!

I still loved the look and tried different chairs, different tables, everything. Nothing was working. Anyway, after hours searching online and driving the other half batty, I've decided to go a different look altogether.

I've always loved this table from Sounds Like Home, it's from the same collection as the bed that I've had on my wishlist forever. It's lighter than the timbers in the lounge room, but I think because it's a more eclectic look it will be OK. It's the shape and size I wanted and will easily fit 6 chairs snugly underneath.

Replica Eames DSR Side Chair

Replica Eames DSW Side Chair

Replica Jasper Morrison Hal Wood Chair
Replica Jasper Morrison Hal Wood Chair

I'd put one of these chairs with them. I know that it's a bit "trendy" at the moment, but my main motivation would be price - the DSW chairs can be picked up for as low as $59 each and I can upgrade later when I have the funds.

I think this is a reasonable solution. Maybe now I can stop having dreams about dining tables!

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