Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Touches

Towel rails in the main bathroom

The final touches are being made to the house ahead of handover next week :-). The towel 'ladder' has been installed and doesn't look too bad. A reasonable and more economical version of an expensive towel ladder.

Towel rails over the bathtub

We weren't sure whether to centre it over the bath or centre it between the mirror and the wall. In the end we centred it on the wall and while I'm still not 100% I don't think anyone will notice once there are towels hanging on it.

Downstairs bathroom
The downstair powder room shower screens are up. I ended up going with the semi-frameless instead of the full frameless as it was just too expensive. I think it looks fine. The builder advised against putting the glass shelf up as he said it could pierce the waterproof membrane and cause leakage and all sorts of water problems. Given it was a $60 glass shelf I took his advise and didn't take the risk.

Upstairs Bathroom
The upstairs main bathroom shower screen has been installed too. Originally it was designed without a door, just an opening, however the certifier wouldn't certify it as it was too close to a non-tiled wall.

As per usual it's not without dramas. The ensuite shower screen was originally 2 panels of 1790mm with a 750mm wide door. The installer rang me during installation rang me and said he advised against having such a wide screen as it had too much flex. I so appreciate a good, honest tradie, so we've sent that back to have 2 panels of 500mm on either side with a 750mm door in the middle.

The starphire white splashback also arrive 100mm too short. WTF? What is it with stuff being too short in this house? Anyway, that's been sent back too.

Not long now!!

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  1. First off, congratulations on your successful move in! :D How’s setting up, so far?

    On the topic at hand, it’s nice that the installer actively advised you about what to or not to get, rather than just accepting everything you say. At least you’re sure that your showers will not cause you problems in the long run. :)

    Matilda Lemons