Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pillar colour rectified ACCORDingly

The incorrect colour on the pillars has been rectified from the icky wrong snot green to a grey in the same palette as the door.

Originally I had asked for Dulux "Grey Pail" and it was accidentally painted Dulux "Pale Green Tea" (WTF??) and I've now changed it to Dulux "Accord", which is a slightly darker grey. It's done and looks sooo much better!!

What we ordered
What we got
What we changed to

The wrong colour "Pale Green Tea"

The right (new) colour "Accord"



So all the interior and exterior paint is done and I'm very happy with it all. Here's how the palette ended up.

For the interior and exterior
On the pillars
On the front door

According to the builder we are about 10 days away from handover - yay! I still need to organise flooring though (I know...I STILL haven't sorted that) but at least we are nearly there!

1 comment:

  1. I can’t imagine how they got Grey Pail mixed up with Pale Green Tea. o.O It does look more intune with the rest of the exterior now that you’ve changed it.

    ACCORDingly. Heh. :P