Sunday, March 17, 2013

The furniture hunt

Am so obsessed with furniture at the moment, it's a major competitor for my clothes and food obsession. The theme of the house is mid century vintage, Mad Men-esque, a warm contrast to the freshness of the white interior and the contemporary style of the home's layout and exterior.

I saw a gorgeous little store on Ipswich with retro furniture in the window, just what I was after. It's not one I had seen before but it turns out they had been in Woolloongabba for years, but they were turning the building into apartments so they had to move here.

It was such a difficult spot to get into, if you miss the turn off you have to go all the way around. Which is what I did...twice. But it was worth it. What a gem!

It's called Add Vintage and sells original vintage pieces sourced from Australia and Denmark. How cool! I've mostly been looking at replica furniture, not originals.  The owner, Mila, was so lovely and was so passionate about all the pieces. It was so nice to talk to her.

There was also a replica section as well. Such beautiful pieces.

Am so obsessed. OBSESSED!!

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