Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flooring Installation - Day Three

These poor flooring installers. Their progress is so slow because of all the cupboards and corners they've only installed half the floorboards when they are supposed to be finished by today. It looks like they won't finish until Friday now.

I feel terrible. They're down from the Sunshine Coast and I said they could camp in the house rather than stay in a caravan park or go back to the coast each day. I said there wasn't any furniture, but if they brought a mattress there's at least showers and a microwave there. The gas isn't on yet, but I thought it would be OK.

This afternoon, on day three they told me there was no hot water. Ohhhhh, I didn't realise it was gas hot water. They didn't seem to mind though, they said they just went for a run around the block and then jumped in a cold shower.

The master bedroom and ensuite are done. I LOOOOVE the colour and grain of the timber. The lack of skirtings is a drag though. The builder said he won't be able to get back to it for at least a couple of weeks. Oh well, we've waited 2 and a half years...another couple of weeks won't kill us.

Two out of the three other bedrooms are done. They look much bigger with the flooring in.

** I still haven't decided which direction to lay the floorboards downstairs. But now that the installers are so far behind schedule, I have a bit longer to make a decision.

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