Thursday, April 4, 2013

Flooring Installation - Day Four

Ohhhhhh looky here!! The kitchen is done!! Those pendant lights aren't looking too obvious and big now because (I think) the space doesn't look so stark. The saga continues with the poor installers though, with the kitchen and dining room taking up most of their time today.

Normally the stone benchtops are installed after the flooring but I didn't realise that and so the guys had to cut around every nook and cranny and leave an exact 5mm space for the silicone. Because the cabinetry hadn't taken into account the 14mm needed for flooring, the space for the dishwasher was extremely tight and the guys had to adjust the legs to ensure it fit.

THEN they had finished the kitchen and had moved onto the reading nook when they noticed a scratch on one of the boards in the MIDDLE of the kitchen. Lucio said he nearly cried. They had to pull all the surrounding boards up and lay them again. I think they are cursing this job, which has now stretched out by an extra two days.

I've been feeling so bad for how hard this job has been for these guys. Especially being away from their families for so long and working 10 hours straight each day. Luckily the hot water went on yesterday and they were able to have a hot shower. The only way I know how to help people is to feed them, so I made them a roast chicken with roast potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, broccoli and a bucket of gravy. Not sure if plying my installers with red wine is my smartest idea, but I hope it helps refresh them a bit. After being away for so long I think there's nothing better than home cooking. You get sick of eating take out.

The dining room is done and the dining table has been ordered. It should arrive next week sometime.

The architraves on the large windows were too low to put skirtings on there so the only thing really to do was put trim there. I was a bit worried about it but it looks fine.

Kitchen looks great and I can imagine cooking here now!

The hallway is finally done!!

The guys should finish up today. They just have the living space and reading nook upstairs to do and then downstairs and because they are fairly open spaces they don't think it will take anywhere near as long as all the other space. 

We'll (finally) start moving over the weekend :-)

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