Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Window Furnishings

Haha this is what your window furnishings look like when you've used all your money on building the house!

A sheet held up by a squillion pegs and the box your dining table came in. I remember our house having this very look for quite a few years when I was growing up. Everything in good time (and good finances!)

I don't have much choice, this is my bedroom and the double glass doors open straight out onto a main(ish) road.

Too exposed for my liking!


  1. I think I’ve only seen that setup around the house when we broke a window. But hey, you do what you have to do! Any plans as of now on what you’ll do with the curtains when the finances loosen up?

    1. Hey Sol, I got a quote for roller blinds and they were really expensive because of the size of the door so I'm now thinking some DIY eyelet curtains. Much cheaper. It will keep the cold out too! xx