Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cabinetry *Fail*

It seemed like a good the time. Seamless cabinetry of glossy white, with no handles to draw away from the flow.

But...the cabinetry is laminate not 2Pac and so instead of gently rounded and smooth tops to the pull out drawers and cabinets, we have two pieces of laminate put together on a 45° which feels like the edge of a knife when you touch it. With the soft close drawers as well they are extra hard to pull out and just way too sharp.

I can add handles at a later date and TBH I probably will because the constant opening and closing I think will wear and tears the joins and will eventually separate the laminate from the bases.

*Sigh* was good in concept, just not great in execution.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not happy with your handleless drawers :(

    We've got them in all the bathrooms, and they are a bit tricky to get used to. Like you said the soft close, solid system makes them a bit hard to open.

    Did you end up going ahead with handleless in the kitchen too?


    1. Sadly B, yes, I put them in the kitchen as well. They would be OK if they were 2Pac because the tops would be nice and rounded, but they're laminate so they have this crazy angle. The cabinetmaker did warn me about it...sometimes I just don't listen!!

      I think I will just put handles on it as it will save the wear and tear to the top of the doors/drawers.

      Next time I will listen!! :-P