Friday, January 25, 2013

Down Lights - White or Chrome?

There's 32 down lights to go in the house and I was always going to use white so it would blend, but now I'm leaning towards satin chrome after seeing them in someone else's house.

The satin chrome (I think) would add add an upmarket touch and there are aluminium kickboards in the kitchen which would tie in with the downlights in the living room.

I was a little worried too that the white lights would start to look a little dirty after a while and also one of the white lights (not the one shown) had gone yellow after being on display for so long.


The satin chrome one is on sale!! I've only been looking at the ones without the glass front as the one with it is $15 which is a lot more expensive. The lovely lady at the store also said without the glass they don't heat up as much.

Which one do you prefer?


Downlights - Satin Chrome or White?


  1. The white yellowing is my biggest concern too, Karina. We always go with silver.


    1. Agreed M!! I think that will be the choice. The price is good too!! :-) xx

  2. We've always had satin chrome too..

    Apparently the downlights in the renovation are all going to be LED - so i'm not sure how that changes things? Apparently it's safer/cheaper..

    1. Ohh I would love to do LED but the budget doesn't allow :-( I think they are safer and cheaper to run...but for the moment I have to go compact fluoro.

      I think from the feedback I'll definitely be going with the satin chrome!